Cityward - Be Yourself 


I'm Tim Ward. I mentor people.

Individuals who want to be at their best in different walks of life.

Starting from positions of strength and weakness.

Moving to a fuller set of choices - to help them be themselves.

Creating a sustainable framework within which to live, work and play.

My clients benefit from the conversations we have; there's some feedback below.

Most come to discuss business issues; others more personal matters.

We talk about what matters to them.

To be yourself... call me on 07876 454480.

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I'm a qualified coach and mentor. My career is outlined below.

And I've been in positions of strength and weakness myself.

 "I quote others only in order the better to express myself."    Michel de Montaigne

 "Tim’s calm approach and probing questions clear the situational clutter enabling me to move forward. His insight into real-life situations and practical tools have allowed me to visualize and achieve previously unthought-of possibilities from stale-mate scenarios. Highlighting not only the verbal but also the non-verbal communication, has led me to change my focus in most situations, leading to better results. Invaluable!"

"Tim has an uncanny ability to ask seemingly the most straightforward questions which are in fact incredibly challenging.  He encourages a calm and measured approach to problem solving and helped me find solutions I would not have reached otherwise.  The mentoring sessions gave me space and time to think about myself both as a leader and as an individual; they enabled me to examine my motivations both in and outside of work.  I would recommend Tim as a mentor to anyone without hesitation."

"Tim's positivity, support and encouragement are a perfect mix.  His open and honest approach inspires confidence to facilitate a healthy level of self-critique, which has provided me with a clear vision as to my future goals in life."

“Tim, your guidance and support has been invaluable.  As a good coach should, you held me accountable to answering some difficult questions, some of which I would have preferred not to answer at the time.  They were, nevertheless, the right questions at the right time.  Often, I have come to you with a situation to discuss and you have helped me unpick the problem behind the problem; helping me to see where I need to define or reinstate boundaries in both a personal and professional context.

You highlighted phrases and themes that seem to be significant to me. That has often helped me to look at an issue with fresh eyes. Your gift of noticing the way I behaved, communicated and learned has encouraged me to stay authentic to my true self, which has been invaluable.”


 "During one of my sessions with Tim, he made a comment concerning a pending contract that was not only poignant for me at the time, but went on to completely shape my whole approach to building my business and customer base.  That comment had the effect of changing my whole perception in such a positive, constructive way."

"Tim is a great coach who adopts a relaxed style.  He offers a pointer in the right direction by encouraging you to look at the bigger picture and consequently leads you to make a fully informed decision."

"Encouraged me to find my own solutions but, best of all, also offered his own ideas, anecdotes and suggestions, when appropriate.  Let me set the agenda but kept the sessions under control.  Gave me appropriate and very practical feedback. Was positive and often pointed out the “silver lining”. In the first half hour of the first session I felt I got enough value for money to pay for the 4 sessions I had arranged to have."

"I saw 'coaching' prior to my 4 sessions with Tim as a somewhat grey area – let’s face it, it’s not rocket science!  However, given his success with me, I have to concede that there is far more to coaching than meets my cynical eye. A coach needs (and Tim certainly has these attributes) great insight, keen listening skills and an ability to put the onus on the mentee to find answers." 

"Tim promotes the concept of empowerment.  He inspires calmness and promotes open dialogue.”

 “Tim believes in personal ability and capability which enabled me to step outside my comfort zone with some degree of comfort!  He provides stretch and challenge, but in a safe environment as always thoroughly supportive.”

"My sessions with Tim helped me to prioritise my aims and refine the way I presented them.  A mock interview was probably more challenging than any of the actual interviews.  I left my sessions with Tim confident that I could handle an interview and the 'out of the blue' questions." 

 "You can never solve a problem on the level on which it was created."    Albert Einstein

Cityward - Be Yourself 


I am currently CEO of the Quoted Companies Alliance, the independent membership organisation championing the interests of small to mid-size quoted companies in the UK.

My career has included roles as Head of Issuer Services at the London Stock Exchange, Finance Director at FTSE International, the index company and various management positions at a smaller listed company.

I'm a Chartered Accountant, with an MBA from Henley Business School and am a qualified executive coach and mentor.

My company, Cityward Ltd, is a private limited company registered in England and Wales. 
(Registered number 06645809)